Asiatic Cheetah
There are 2 Asian subspecies: Acinonyx jubatus raddei (Caspian Sea area) and Acinonyx jubatus venaticus (India and Middle East). These differ somewhat from their African cousins by having a darker color, longer fur and a somewhat larger body. A. jubatus raddei, sometimes called the Transcaspian cheetah, is possibly already extinct. A. jubatus venaticus once ranged from Asiatic Cheetah On A Rope North Africa and Israel eastward to India. European and Asian royalty have hunted it to the point of near extinction.  Today it is believed that only about 200 remain, existing as small isolated groups, in northeastern Iran. The Khosh Yeilagn Protected Area in Iran is thought to contain the highest population of Asiatic cheetah.  Asiatic Cheetahs caught on Camera (BBC News)
Some argue that the African cheetah should be introduced to boost any remaining Asiatic populations. Others think the two should not be mixed. No comparisons of blood and tissue specimens between the Asian and African species have ever been made and some theorize that the Asiatic Cheetah is simply an African Cheetah whose ancestors were brought from Africa to be used for sport.

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